Thought for the month

Autumn 2019

A message from Duncan:

“Some of the seed fell on good ground. There it grew and made grain.
Some plants made 100 times more grain, some 60 times more,
some 30 times more.”  Matthew 13: 8

At this time of year, when we see farmers bringing in the harvest, and as the weeks go by we begin to see the changing colours as nature reminds us of the passing of the seasons from summer to autumn. In this country most people are fortunate to have enough to eat. The shop shelves are normally well stocked. We can, in the words of The Lord’s Prayer, enjoy ‘our daily bread.’ And for those who are finding end difficult to meet, it is important that we support the Basics Banks and can be generous if we’re able.

It is also important that we never take what we have for granted and also take the opportunity of Harvest Festivals to thank God for the bounty of His creation such as the one held at St Christopher’s in October.

But Jesus uses the example of the Harvest to remind us that our faith can also be fruitful – if we allow if to be. If we share our faith with others, as a Church and as individuals in our daily lives, in practical ways as well as by what we say, then we will be sowing seeds of faith. Of course, it can sometimes fall on stony or unreceptive ground, where it will simply not grow, or may wither after a while. But if we keep up the good work of sharing the Good News of Jesus, we will also sow seeds of faith on good ground, where it will be accepted, where it can be nourished and where it will grow and flourish. Thus the harvest of God’s love will increase, gradually spreading across and transforming our community and the world that we each inhabit.

For this to happen it does require us, like the farmers who bring in bountiful harvests which enable our shop shelves to continue to be well-stocked, to actually make the effort to sow seeds of faith and to help to nourish and support it’s growth. We can do that by actively supporting all the church events and services, by encouraging others to participate in them, and by living our lives by walking in the footsteps of Jesus and upholding Christian values, even when that doesn’t feel popular.

Sometimes we may feel that we have sown on stony and unreceptive ground, where if may be rejected or will not come to anything. But sometimes we will find the good ground that Jesus refers to. It may just be that  a  friend,  relative or neighbour is ready  to accept  the  gift of faith and  turn to Jesus.  Then we will be privileged to see the bountiful harvest of God’s love at work – maybe by 30 times , 60 times or 100 times!

With love and every blessing,