Thought for the month

Spring 2021

A message from Duncan:

As we appear to be coming to the end of the Covid pandemic restrictions of the last 18 months, a verse from the Old Testament book in the Bible Ecclesiastes:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.  3: 1

f anyone had told me two years ago that we would have spent the ensuing months spent under periods of Lockdown, not really being able to travel much, not being able to show a loving embrace, not being able to enter shops (those that were able to open) without a face covering, not being able to sing in public, or sit near others – yet alone not being able to visit loved ones at the end of life, well, I would never have believed them!

But this is how it has been – and for good reason really. It has been a tremendously challenging time for virtually everyone. There’s no doubting that. But, due the successful vaccination programme, which is proving to offer much protection for most, we are now able to look ahead with some degree of optimism. We will continue to need to be careful and considerate – and this will particularly apply to the wearing of face coverings I think.

And if anything good has come from all this, I hope that it will be to make us more considerate of others’ needs, and also to help us really think about what is actually important in life. For everything there is a season. We can hopefully begin to put the last 18 months behind us eventually, but we do so in the light of the experience of this time. So that when we move towards another season of our lives, we do so in the light of where we have been and not take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy day by day.

For me, personally, due to my age, retirement from full-time ministry beckons shortly. This means that I will need to leave Thornhill. A place and a community I have grown extremely fond of and close to over the last 13 years. This move will not be easy, but it is necessary. As I look forward to the years of retirement which hopefully lie ahead for me and the opportunities for ministry which may come my way, I do so with a heart filled with love for Thornhill and St Christopher’s and prayers that whoever is fortunate enough to replace me as Vicar will lead the church into new and exciting developments, but always seeking to share the love of God in simple acts of service.

But until I actually move on, there is plenty to do and to look forward to, as you will see on the What’s On page. I look forward to seeing you all over the next couple of months – not least at the Summer Fête on August 7th, something I know that the whole community has been waiting for!

With all my love, thanks and blessings,