Thought for the month

Autumn 2017

   A message from Duncan:

‘We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the ground.’

 So goes the opening lines of one of the most popular and well-loved Harvest hymns. And, once again, St Christopher’s are celebrating with a Harvest Festival;  informal and interactive worship, when we give thanks to God for the wonders and the fruits of his creation. Of course, in these days when most of us live in highly populated towns and cities, rather than small rural village communities, not so many of us actually scatter seed on the ground or anywhere else for that matter (except those who are very particular about the state of their lawns!). So what might this phrase and sentiment mean for us these days? How can we ‘scatter good seed’ in the world we inhabit?

Well, there are some helpful and inspiring examples offered in the current edition of St Christopher’s News (see Home page).

+ If you are free on Friday afternoons you could try out St Christopher’s new Scrabble Club, making new friends and enjoying a game at the same time.

+ Those who have lost a loved one recently may wish to come along to the All Souls’ Worship at 4 p.m. on Sunday 5th November; a time to remember someone close to you before God and chat with others in the same situation.

+ We could take advantage of the various opportunities to pray to God – the most important kind of seed-scattering we can offer – by calling into the 24hour Prayer Space in the Vicarage, 402 Hinkler Road,  from 7.00pm on Friday 6th – 7.00pm on Saturday 7th October. This is also a golden opportunity to take a bit of time just to be still and quiet, or to express your prayers in a more active way. The next day, on Sunday 8th October, there will be the Love Thornhill Prayer Meeting, when members of Thornhill Vineyard Church, Thornhill Baptist Church and St Christopher’s will come together in St Christopher’s Church at 6.30pm to join in prayers for the world, our community and one another.

These are just a few ways that we can scatter ‘good seed’. But the most important way is by how we live, how we conduct ourselves, by the attitudes we take and the things we say. If we try our utmost to be caring, compassionate and loving to all we meet, day by day, then we will be scattering ‘good seed’. We will be nurturing it and helping goodness to grow and flourish across Thornhill and beyond, so that we will see the fruits of our labours of love and reap a bountiful harvest of kindness, justice and mercy. We will be helping to shape our world into that which God created it to be.

And we can do so within a framework of fun and fellowship, when we come together to enjoy ourselves, to find a bargain and make new friends with such events as the Jumble Sale on 14th October, the Family Activity Morning in half term on Tuesday 24th October, Café Church on Saturday 11th November and, of course the ever-popular Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 18th November.  So come along, and bring your friends and families with you and enjoy some fun whilst we scatter the ‘good seed’ together. And what a harvest that will be!


With my love and every blessing,