Thought for the month

Autumn 2022

A message from Richard and Marie

Marie and I arrived in St Christopher’s Vicarage on 23rd June 2022 from Hemel Hempstead; we have been so warmly welcomed and we have appreciated all the support and prayers of our new family at St Christopher’s. Our neighbours and local community have been very friendly and welcoming and we are thankful to God for bringing us to Thornhill.

I was Licenced by Bishop Debbie on 18th July 2022 to be the sixth vicar of St Christopher’s, one of the hottest days ever in the country!  I didn’t have a great start as I caught Covid in the first week. The last six weeks seem to have flown by, and I am learning a lot about the style of services, getting to know people and how St Christopher’s is part of the community of Thornhill. It is great to be part of a loving church family that wants to have a journey in faith and we are excited about growing with you.

I see this journey as normal people (like you and me) following an extraordinary God. None of us knows the future, but we do know God will keep to his promise when he says

“I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.”    Hebrews 13:5

I like the Bible as it is ‘down to earth’, showing a God who loves us. This is seen in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection but it also shows how some peoples’ encounters with God have a very human aspect to them.

For instance:

Moses was content being a shepherd and told God he was wrong when he asked him to lead Israel.

A man called Gideon said he couldn’t lead Israel’s army as he was a ‘nobody’. God did two miracles to prove he was the ‘man for the job’.

Ananias was asked by God to see a man called Saul who was killing Christians. He didn’t want to go, and God had to convince him, saying that Saul would become a Christian himself.

My prayer for you, and for me, is that we will deepen our faith in Jesus by understanding the Bible more, and living out Jesus’ message of love in St Christopher’s and in our community.

God bless and love ,

Richard & Marie