Thought for the month

Spring 2021

A message from Duncan:

“I am the light of the world.” John 8 : 12

In my letter this time last year I referred to the same Bible verse. Then I spoke of signs of light and hope as the new life of spring came into being. And of course, that is equally true this year. It’s really gratifying to see all the spring bulbs flowering the and trees blossoming into clouds of colour isn’t it  – especially when it’s against a bright blue sky which we’ve been fortunate to see at times recently, even if it’s sometimes pretty cold.

However, after the year we’ve just all been through, the feeling of light coming into the world takes on a rather different meaning doesn’t it. For although we clearly still have quite a journey to make before coming completely out of the grip of this awful global pandemic, there is certainly now a glimmer of light and hope  on the horizon. The successful vaccination programme (in this country at least), coupled with a greater understanding of how best to deal with the Covid 19 virus, means that we can now see a way to resuming some kind of normality once again. Maybe not quite yet, but over the next few months.

Jesus rising to new life at Easter, following his dreadful death on the cross on Good Friday, has brought a very special light and hope into the world, reflecting the fact that Jesus describes himself as ‘the light of the world’. For the Resurrection Light changes the way in which we see everything – both the challenges and the joys that life brings our way. For whatever we face, whatever we go through, we do so with the hope and the joy of Easter People; in the knowledge that through Jesus and in the power of his Holy Spirit, Jesus – the light of the world, the light of life in all its fullness – is always with us. Alleluia!

So until we meet again please take care, stay safe and help others to stay safe.

With all my love and blessings,