Thought for the month

Winter 2019/20

A message from Duncan:

“The Word became flesh and lived among us”
John 1 verse 14

One of the many amazing things we can read about in the Bible is when God took the form of a human being. God, that creator of all that is good, came and lived among us! The technical expression for this is ‘incarnation’, which simply means ‘to appear in person’. And that is why John, in his gospel, writes that ‘the Word’ – Jesus, God in human form – was born as a helpless, innocent baby, just like each one of us.

But Jesus was not only a baby with all that means, but he was born into abject poverty, homelessness and would shortly become a refugee as his family had to flee for their very lives and seek asylum in Egypt!

From the very beginning of his earthly life, Jesus knew all the hardships that we may also endure. In Jesus, God chose to come and live alongside us, experiencing the many joys and also the many sorrows and challenges of humanity.

So, as followers of Jesus, as Christians, surely we are also called to come alongside others – both friends and enemies – to share that special love which Jesus, The Word, brought into the world despite his humble beginnings. For in the midst of the poverty of the stable, God’s love was made known in the world as a light shining in the darkness. And through his Holy Spirit Christians can make God’s love real to people through our faith and actions.

God is still ‘incarnate’ in the world, for Jesus walks this earth today in the lives of his followers. And that’s the true meaning of Christmas – each and every day.

With love and blessings for a
 peace-filled New Year,